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A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic
by Alger F. Johns
$ 14.99

This standard grammar book of biblical Aramaic, used by students at many seminaries and universities, is the only one to include graded exercises at the close of each of its twenty lessons.

Answer key available.

Click here to read a sample from this book.


    Introduction to Biblical Aramaic
    LESSON I. Phonology of Biblical Aramaic
    LESSON II. Nouns and Adjectives
    LESSON III. Independent Personal Pronouns and Suffixes on Nouns
    LESSON IV. Other Pronouns
    LESSON V. The Verbal System: The Perfect
    LESSON VI. The Verbal System: The Imperfect, the Infinitive, Etc.
    LESSON VII. Classes of Nouns
    LESSON VIII. The Derived Active Conjugations
    LESSON IX. The Passive and Reflexive Conjugations
    LESSON X. Laryngeal Verbs
    LESSON XI. Pe Nun, Pe Yodh, and Pe Aleph Verbs
    LESSON XII. Hollow Verbs
    LESSON XIII. Germinate Verbs
    LESSON XIV. Lamedh He Verbs
    LESSON XV. Other Doubly Weak and Irregular Verbs
    LESSON XVI. Verbal Suffixes: With the Perfect
    LESSON XVII. Verbal Suffixes: With the Imperfect, the Infinitive, Etc.
    LESSON XVIII. Noun Types
    LESSON XIX. Similar Noun Classes
    LESSON XX. The Numerals

1972 | 108 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-74-2
$ 14.99


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