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Reign of God
An Introduction to Christian Theology, 2nd Edition
by Richard Rice
$ 34.99

A systematic approach to theology, presenting and discussing the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with striking simplicity and clarity. The theme of God's reign over His creation and His creatures unifies the entire presentation. Suitable for use in beginning courses in religion at the college level or for the layperson wanting to better understand basic Adventist beliefs.

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    1. The Task of Christian Theology
    2. Divine Revelation
    3. God's Character: The Basis of His Reign
    4. The Nature of the Reign of God
    5. Human Greatness: Agents of the Reign of God
    6. Human Tragedy: God's Reign Interrupted
    7. Who Jesus Was: Bringer of the Reign of God
    8. What Jesus Did: The Reign of God Reestablished
    9. The Church: The Reign of God as Christian Community
    10. The Church's Mission: Extending the Reign of God
    11. The Reign of God in Human Hearts
    12. The Reign of God in Human Lives
    13. Welcoming the Reign of God: The Roots of Adventist Eschatology
    14. The Reign of God Fulfilled: Human Destiny
    15. Christian Worship: Celebrating the Reign of God
    16. The Sabbath: Symbol of the Reign of God

1997 | 443 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-883925-16-1
$ 34.99


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