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College Faith
150 Christian Leaders and Educators Share Faith Stories from Their Student Days
Edited by Ronald Alan Knott
$ 12.99 Original Price

Dreading doctoral comps. Cheating in the lab. Fighting with parents. Embracing a mission. Learning to learn. Wrestling with doubt. Going hungry. Choosing a major. Flunking out. Helping a friend. Hearing the call. Struggling with finances. Stressing over finals. Confronting prejudice. Dealing with defeat. Grieving over loved ones. Falling in love. Breaking up. Picking up the pieces. Accepting grace. Losing hope. Finding Jesus.

More than 60 college, university and seminary presidents, and an outstanding roster of administrators, professors, and other Christian thought leaders, share moving and instructive personal stories of how God led them while they themselves were students in higher education.

With first person testimonies by Andrew K. Benton, Bill Bright, Tony Campolo, Clyde Cook, Keith Graber Miller, Alec Hill, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Frederica Mathewes-Green, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Kelly K. Monroe, J. P. Moreland, Richard J. Mouw, Mark A. Noll, Ronald J. Sider, Robert B. Sloan, Jr., Jon R. Wallace, Gregory L. Waybright, Craig Williford . . . and 132 more.

Whether students, professors, administrators, or employees, all Christians involved in any way with higher education will find this unique collection of personal testimonies a compelling and winsome call to faith amid the trials and triumphs of academic life.

"Aptly arranged like a special collection of precious stones-- beautiful gems of grace-- these stories of personal faith bring us all closer to Christ. A book of encouragement for students everywhere, as well as for those who teach them, and all those who love and pray for them."-- Timothy George, Dean, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University and Executive Editor, Christianity Today

Click here to read a sample from this book.

Sample Story Titles:

  • God Never Calls a Wrong Number by Donald O. Young
  • The Grace of the Personal Touch by Andrew K. Benton
  • Hey Buddy, Do You Need a Ride? by Jerry E. McGee
  • Jesus in the Dump by Mark Benedetto
  • Love in the Attic and Baths Next Door by LeRoy Lawson
  • The Meter Reader and the Widow by Ronald L. Ellis
  • Mornings with Brother Miles by Clyde Cook
  • Oil under a Hot Tin Roof by Dorothy Jean Weaver
  • Slave of Jesus by Bill Bright
  • Waking Up by Mark A. Noll

2002 | 214 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-883925-34-5
$ 12.99 Original Price


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