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In Granite or Ingrained?
Study Guide for Individuals and Small Groups
by Skip MacCarty and Esther Knott
$ 8.99

E-book version(s) available:

Enrich your personal walk with God by using this study guide to In Granite or Ingrained? by Skip MacCarty.

Whether you use it alone or with fellow Christians in a dynamic small group experience, the Study Guide will help you review and retain the key points of the book, explore deeper aspects and applications of the major issues, and strengthen your devotional relationship with God.

In Granite or Ingrained? is a serious book. The questions and debates surrounding the relationship of the old and new covenants in Scripture are not arcane or irrelevant academic arguments. The issues have eternal consequences in the life of the professed believer. Earnestly searching out the deep things of God should be the joy of every Christian.

Every theme of Scripture contains an invitation from God. The prophets and apostles of old were inspired by the Spirit not simply to produce an encyclopedia of religious information. They were to be bearers of a divine invitation to come to Him who is the way, the truth, and the life. God desires that readers of Scripture will recognize His invitation, respond to it, and thereby find true life in Him.

In Granite or Ingrained? --accompanied by this Study Guide for individual or small group use--will help anyone on that most important of all quests.

Skip MacCarty is associate pastor for evangelism at Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. He holds a Doctor of Ministry degree and is a specialist on the relationship between stress and spiritual life.

Esther R. Knott is associate pastor for small groups at Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. A specialist in small group ministry, she holds a graduate degree in religious education.

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Chapter 1: The Core Truth of the Covenant(s)
Chapter 2: The Universality of the Covenant(s)
Chapter 3: How God Defined the New Covenant
Chapter 4: New Covenant DNA in the Old Covenant
Chapter 5: How the Old and New Covenants Differ
Chapter 6: The Two Covenants in History and Experience
Chapter 7: Historical and Experiential Applications
Chapter 8: Love and Law in the Covenant(s)
Chapter 9: Covenant Signs
Chapter 10: Covenant Rest
Chapter 11: Ten Timeless Truths
Chapter 12: Living the Covenants
2007 | 102 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-883925-58-1
$ 8.99


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