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Contemporary Plant Systematics - 4th edition
by Dennis W. Woodland
$ 48.99 SALE PRICE
$ 97.99 Original Price

The fourth edition addresses the newest developments in contemporary plant classification; includes 500 all-new drawings; discusses and illustrates 275 families in detail in unique, one-page format; and includes two outstanding electronic-content features:

  • the landmark University of Wisconsin DVD Photo Atlas of the Vascular Plants now with more than 8,500 plant images representing 325 plant families
  • the all-new Interactive Keys to Vascular Plant Families of the World in CD format for easy identification of plant families
  • Click here to read a sample from this book.



    CHAPTER 1 The Significance of Systematics
    Purposes and Significance of Systematics

    CHAPTER 2 How Plants Get Their Names
    Common or Vernacular Names
    Latin Names
    Principles of the Code of Botanical Nomenclature
    What Is Involved in Validly Publishing a Name?

    CHAPTER 3 How Plants Are Identified
    Some Basic Rules for Constructing and Using Dichotomous Keys
    Other Identification Methods

    CHAPTER 4 Collecting, Handling, and Preserving Specimens
    Materials Needed for Collecting Plants
    Procedure for Pressing, Drying, and Labeling Specimens
    The Herbarium
    Ethics of Collecting and Handling Specimens

    CHAPTER 5 History and Development of Classification to the Twenty-First Century
    Form System of Plants
    Sexual System of Plants
    Early "Natural" Systems
    Post-Darwinian "Natural" Classification Systems (1860-1950)
    Late-Twentieth-Century Classification Systems (1950 to Present)
    Contemporary Phenetic Methods
    Contemporary Phylogenetic Methods

    CHAPTER 6 Plant Classification in the Twenty-First Century
    Advances in Computational Technology
    Advances in Phylogenetic Methods
    Advances in Molecular Biology
    A Collaborative Approach to Classification: Plant Systematics as "Big Science"
    Future Challenges in Systematics

    CHAPTER 7 Living Ferns and Other Seedless Vascular Plants (Pteridophytes)
    Reproductive Cycle of the Spore-Producing Vascular Plants
    Selected Families of Spore-Producing Vascular Plants

    CHAPTER 8 Families of the Pinophyta (Gymnosperms)
    Reproduction of the Pinophyta
    Classification of the Pinophyta

    CHAPTER 9 Terminology of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)
    Vegetative Organs
    Reproductive Structures
    Reproduction of Flowering Plants

    CHAPTER 10 Families of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)--"Basal" Flowering Plants, Magnoliids, Monocots, and Commelinids
    Division Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants [Angiosperms])
    "Basal" Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)

    CHAPTER 11 Families of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)--Eudicots I

    CHAPTER 12 Families of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)--Eudicots II. Rosids and Eurosids

    CHAPTER 13 Families of Flowering Plants (Angiosperms)--Eudicots Asterids--Euasterids I, II

    CHAPTER 14 The Literature of Systematics
    Indexes for Bibliographic, Illustrative, and Nomenclatural Literature
    Terminology and Dictionaries
    Specific and Comprehensive Guides
    Selected Botanical Journals
    Floras and Manuals
    Historical Background
    Detailed Taxonomic Studies
    Basic Systematic Texts

    CHAPTER 15 Contemporary Views on the Origin of Vascular Plants
    Theories on Origins
    Early Fossil Pteridophytes
    Early Fossil Pinophyta (Gymnosperms)
    Fossil Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants)
    Origin of Characteristics
    Evolution of Species

    CHAPTER 16 Methods for Studying the Systematics of Plants
    Plant Anatomy as Applied to Systematics
    Plant Morphology as Applied to Systematics
    Molecular Systematics
    Palynology as Applied to Systematics
    Biogeography, Ecology, and Systematics
    Cytology and Genetics as Applied to Systematics

    CHAPTER 17 Preserving Plant Biodiversity
    Value of Plant Species to Humans
    How Species Become Endangered
    Current Knowledge about Endangered Plants
    Genetic Engineering and Biodiversity
    What About the Future?
    Individuals Can Help Endangered Wild Plants

    CHAPTER 18 The Role of Botanical Gardens in Society
    Objectives of Botanical Gardens
    History of Botanical Gardens
    Survey of Some Gardens

    CHAPTER 19 Epilogue
    The Relevance of Systematics to Society
    Job Opportunities and Qualifications
    Web Sites of Interest

    APPENDIX I: Selected References

    APPENDIX II: Floras of the World

    APPENDIX III: Classification of the Flowering Plants as Proposed by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG)


    2009 | 666 pp.
    ISBN: 978-1-883925-64-2
    $ 48.99 SALE PRICE
    $ 97.99 Original Price


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