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Biblical Hebrew Reviewer
A Universal Study Companion
by Oliver Glanz
$ 14.99

Paradigms are essential for learning biblical Hebrew. Most textbooks first present them throughout the chapters so that morphological forms become meaningful in the context of grammatical explanations, and then they are displayed as a complete collection at the end of the book for the purpose of rehearsing and exam preparation. However, such availability does not take a convenient form. The student must have two different sections of a book open in order to match the consulted paradigm tables with the chapter that explains them. Everybody who has learned biblical languages knows of the frustration that results from this difficulty. A single paradigm should ideally remain visible in a hands-free manner so as to simultaneously take notes and compare the table with other resources. This paradigm booklet, then, is a handy, supplemental tool that can be used together with any textbook or grammar of choice.


Pronominal Suffixes
Verbs (According to Their Classes)
2018 | 36 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-940980-26-3
$ 14.99


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