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Hesban After 25 Years
by David Merling
$ 15.00

The single-volume account of the history and finds of the Tell Hesban excavations which initiated one of the most concentrated, longest-running, continual research projects in the Middle East. The handy book is an easily accessible introduction to the Hesban finds as well as a complementary data source for the Hesban Final Publication Series volumes. Well-illustrated with photos, line drawings, and tables.

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    Our Tribute to Siegfried H. Horn
    Congratulations from the American Schools of Oriental Research
    The Contributions of American-sponsored Excavations in Jordan

    1. "My Life in Archaeology and the Early History of the Heshbon Archaeological Expedition"
    by Siegfried H. Horn

    2. "Hesban and Field Method: How We Dug, and Why"
    by Roger S. Boraas

    3. "The Journey from Heshbon to Hesban: An Account of the Evolution of the Heshbon Expedition?s Scope of Research"
    by Řystein S. LaBianca

    4. "Why We Dug at Tell Hesban"
    by Lawrence T. Geraty

    5. "Hesban: Its Geographical Setting"
    by Randall W. Younker

    6. "Two Roads Lead to Esbus"
    by Robert D. Ibach, Jr.

    7. "Hesban and the Ammonites During the Iron Age"
    by James R. Fisher

    8. "Caves, Storage Facilities, and Life at Hellenistic and Early Roman Hesban"
    by Larry A. Mitchel

    9. "Byzantine Hesban: The Site in Its Archaeological and Historical Context"
    by J. Bjornar Storfjell

    10. "The Historical/Archaeological Significance of the Hesban North Church"
    by John I. Lawlor

    11. "Byzantine Christianity at Hesban: Its Churches and Mosaics"
    by Bastiaan Van Elderen

    12. "Hesban in the Ayyubid and Mamluk Periods"
    by Bert de Vries

    13. "The Ammonite Ostraca from Tell Hesban"
    by Frank M. Cross, Jr., and Lawrence T. Geraty

    14. "A Summary of Small Finds from Tell Hesban"
    by Ralph E. Hendrix

    15. "A Note on Processing the Objects from Tell Hesban"
    by Elizabeth E. Platt

    16. "Everyday Life at Hesban Through the Centuries"
    by Řystein S. LaBianca

    17. "The 'Pools of Heshbon': As Discovered by the Heshbon Expedition"
    by David Merling

    18. "The Pottery at Hesban and Its Relationships to the History of Jordan: An Interim Hesban Pottery Report, 1993"
    by James A. Sauer

    19. "Tomb Types in the Roman and Byzantine Cemeteries of Hesban"
    by S. Douglas Waterhouse

    20. "The Heshbon Expedition: Retrospects and Prospects"
    by Řystein S. LaBianca and Lawrence T. Geraty

    Sponsors and Participants

1994 | 403 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-9642060-0-7
$ 15.00


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