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Hesban 11: Ceramic Finds
Typological and Technological Studies of the Pottery Remains from Tell Hesban and Vicinity
Edited by James A. Sauer and Larry G. Herr
$ 16.99

This volume is devoted to the typological analysis of the Tell Hesban pottery. It comprises some of the ca. 6000 sherds from the 1971, 1973, 1974, and 1976 excavation seasons.

Chapter 1: "Introduction" by Larry G. Herr
Chapter 2: "The Iron Age" by Larry G. Herr
Chapter 3: "Classical Period Pottery" by Yvonne Gerber
Chapter 4: "The Islamic Period" by Bethany Walker
Chapter 5: "Ceramic Technology at Hisban" by Gloria London
Chapter 6: "Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Iron Age Pottery From Hisban" by Michael D. Glascock and Hector Neff
2012 | 816 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-24-7
$ 16.99


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