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The Israel of God in Prophecy
by Hans K. Larondelle
$ 15.99

LaRondelle allows the Bible to act as its own expositor by pointing to the New Testament as the basis for prophetic interpretation. Attention is given to the Old Testament prophecies concerning Israel and how the New Testament prophecies do not support the dispensationalist view.

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    Foreword by Dr. Kenneth A. Strand
    Glossary of Technical Terms
    List of Abbreviations
    1. The Christocentric Focus of All Holy Scripture
    2. The Key to the Old Testament: Literalism or the New Testament?
    3. The Literal and Allegorical Interpretations
    4. The Typological Interpretation
    5. The Christological Interpretation
    6. The Theological Significance and Mission of Israel's Remnant
    7. The Ecclesiological Interpretation of Israel's Remnant
    8. The Church and Israel in Romans 9-11
    9. Israel's Territorial Promise in New Testament Perspective
    10. Problematic Texts
    11. God's Ultimatum to Israel: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
    12. The Predicted Tribulation and Hope for the Church
    Summary and Conclusion
    Index of Scriptural References

1983 | 240 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-14-8
$ 15.99


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