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Hesban 02: Environmental Foundations
Studies of Climatical, Geological, Hydrological, & Phytological Cond. in Hesban & Vicinity
Edited by Řystein S. LaBianca
$ 16.99

This volume provides an introduction to the climate and landscape to which successive generations of Hesbanites have had to adapt. Includes 26 figures, 42 plates, and 9 tables.

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    Chapter 1: Introduction by Řystein Sakala LaBianca
    Chapter 2: Climate of Tell Hesban and Area by Kevin Ferguson and Tim Hudson
    Chapter 3: Bedrock, Surficial Geology, and Soils by Larry Lacelle
    Chapter 4: Surface and Groundwater Resources of Tell Hesban and Area, Jordan by Larry Lacelle
    Chapter 5: Flora of Tell Hesban and Area, Jordan by Patricia Crawford
    Chapter 6: Ecology of the Flora of Tell Hesban and Area, Jordan by Larry Lacelle
    Chapter 7: Paleoethnobotany and Paleoenvironment by Dennis R. Gilliland
    Chapter 8: Conclusion by Řystein Sakala LaBianca and Larry Lacelle

1986 | 184 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-15-5
$ 16.99


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