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Hesban 03: Historical Foundations
Studies of Literary References to Hesban & Vicinity
Edited by Leona G. Running and Lawrence T. Geraty
$ 16.99

Historical contextualization is vitally important in attaining a view of Tell Hesban as its contemporaries described it. A spectrum of periods are analyzed from their contemporary literary sources: pre-classical and classical sources (Werner K. Vyhmeister), Arab sources (Malcolm B. Russell), a review of critical studies of Old Testament references to the site (Arthur J. Ferch), and traveller's accounts since 1806 (Werner K. Vyhmeister). Illustrations include 4 figures and 1 plate.

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    Chapter 1: The History of Heshbon from the Literary Sources by Werner K. Vyhmeister
    Chapter 2: Hesban During the Arab Period: A.D. 635 to the Present by Malcolm B. Russell
    Chapter 3: A Review of Critical Studies of Old Testament References to Heshbon by Arthur J. Ferch
    Appendix A: Heshbon Through the Centuries by Werner K. Vyhmeister
    Appendix B: Hesban in the Literary Sources Since 1806 by Werner K. Vyhmeister
    Author Index
    Biblical Reference Index
    General Index

1989 | 107 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-17-9
$ 16.99


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