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Madaba Plains Project 1
The 1984 Season at Tell el-Umeiri & Vicinity & Subsequent Studies
by Lawrence T. Geraty, Larry G. Herr, Řystein S. Labianca and Randall W. Younker
$ 24.99

Twenty-three contributors present studies of food, water, geography, and hinterland sites providing the context for archaeological reports which consider stratigraphy, ceramics, and small finds. Included are 290 photos, 80 maps, 60 figures, 40 illustrations, and 25 pottery plates, as well as 25 botanical summaries and 150 locus summaries.

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    Part One: Overview
    Chapter 1: An Overview of Goals, Methods and Findings by Lawrence T. Geraty, Larry G. Herr, Řystein S. LaBianca, and Randall W. Younker

    Part Two: The Hinterlands
    Chapter 2: Introduction to the el-Umeiri Hinterland Survey by Řystein S. LaBianca
    Chapter 3: Charles Warren's Explorations Between Naur and Khirbet as-Suq by David Merling
    Chapter 4: Yadoudeh: The Modern History of Its People by Raouf Sad Abujaber
    Chapter 5: Present and Past Plant Communities of the Tell el-Umeiri Region by Randall W. Younker
    Chapter 6: Available Water Resources and Use in the el-Umeiri Region by Jon A. Cole
    Chapter 7: Random Square Survey in the el-Umeiri Region by Jon A. Cole
    Chapter 8: Site Survey in the el-Umeiri Region by Robert G. Boling
    Chapter 9: Geophysical Exploration by Jon A. Cole and Bryce E. Cole
    Chapter 10: Towers in the Region Surrounding Tell Umeiri by Randall W. Younker
    Chapter 11: An Examination of the Valley South and West of Tell el-Umeiri by Jon A. Cole and Bryce E. Cole
    Chapter 12: Dental Enamel Defects Among Contemporary Nomadic and Sedentary Jordanians by C. Michael Alcorn and A. H. Goodman

    Part Three: The Tell
    Chapter 13: Organization and Procedures of Excavation by Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 14: The Random Surface Survey by Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 15: Field A: The Ammonite Citadel by John I. Lawlor
    Chapter 16: Field B: The Western Defense System by Douglas R. Clark
    Chapter 17: Field C: The Northern Suburb by James R. Battenfield and Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 18: Field D: The Lower Southern Terrace by Larry Mitchel

    Part Four: The Finds
    Chapter 19: The Pottery by Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 20: Umeiri Objects by Elizabeth E. Platt

    Part Five: The Inscriptions
    Chapter 21: The Inscribed Seal Impression by Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 22: Historical Background and Motifs of a Royal Seal Impression by Randall W. Younker
    Chapter 23: Two Cylinder Seals from Umeiri, Nos. 49 and 363 by Edith Porada

    A: Archaeological Excavation Data Management System by James K. Brower
    B: Use of Video by Robert L. Artman
    C: Yadoudeh: The History of a Land by Henk J. Franken and Raouf Sad Abujaber
    D: Introduction to the Locus Summaries by James K. Brower and Lorita E. Hubbard
    E: Field Reading Summaries: Fauna and Flint
    F: Carbonized Seeds by Yvonne Hackwell and Lori A. Haynes

1989 | 628 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-96-4
$ 24.99


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