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Madaba Plains Project 2
The 1987 Season at Tell el-Umeiri & Vicinity & Subsequent Studies
by Larry G. Herr, Lawrence T. Geraty, Øystein S. Labianca and Randall W. Younker
$ 24.99

Includes field stratigraphy reports of the glacis defense system, an Iron Age architectural complex, and the water system, as well as analyses of ceramic and small finds. Exceptional studies of ceramic technology and the modern pottery industry. 306 photos, 37 maps, 137 tables, 54 plans, 55 pottery plates, specialist data reports, and locus summaries.

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    Part One: Overview
    Chapter 1: An Overview of the 1987 Season of Excavation and Survey in the Madaba Plains by Lawrence T. Geraty, Larry G. Herr, Øystein S. LaBianca, and Randall W. Younker

    Part Two: Tell El-Umeiri
    Chapter 2: Organization of Excavation and Summary of Results on the Tell by Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 3: Field A: The Ammonite Citadel by John I. Lawlor
    Chapter 4: Field B: The Western Defense System by Douglas R. Clark
    Chapter 5: Field C: The Northern Suburb by James R. Battenfield
    Chapter 6: Field D: The Lower Southern Terrace by P. M. Michèle Daviau
    Chapter 7: Field E: The Water System by James R. Battenfield
    Chapter 8: Field F: The Eastern Shelf by Russanne D. Low
    Chapter 9: Pottery Typology and Chronology by Larry G. Herr (with notes by Nancy Lapp and Jane C. Waldbaum)
    Chapter 10: The Objects by Elizabeth E. Platt

    Part Three: Vicinity
    Chapter 11: An Introduction to the 1987 Tell el-Umeiri Hinterland Surveys and Excavations by Øystein S. LaBianca
    Chapter 12: The Judgment Survey by Randall W. Younker
    Chapter 13: Architectural Remains from the Hinterland Survey by Randall W. Younker
    Chapter 14: Limekilns from the Regional Survey by Gary L. Christopherson
    Chapter 15: A Note on Seasonally Occupied Cave Villages by Øystein S. LaBianca
    Chapter 16: The Necropolis at Tell el-Umeiri (East) by Howard P. Krug
    Chapter 17: Preliminary Comments on the Geology of the Tell el-Umeiri Region by Douglas W. Schnurrenberger

    Part Four: Subsequent Studies
    Chapter 18: The Seal of Shimaz by Larry G. Herr
    Chapter 19: The Scarab Seal Impression by Donald B. Redford
    Chapter 20: The Bronze Ptolemaic Coin of Rujm Selim by James E. Miller
    Chapter 21: Aspects of Early Bronze and Late Iron Age Ceramic Technology at Tell el-Umeiri by Gloria A. London
    Chapter 22: An Ethnoarchaeological Survey of Potters in Jordan by Gloria A. London and Marlene Sinclair
    Chapter 23: Preliminary Petrographic Analysis of Pottery from Tell el-Umeiri and Hinterland Sites, 1987 by Gloria A. London, Heather Plint and Jennifer Smith

    Appendix A: Tell el-Umeiri Field Locus Sheets by R. William Cash and Warren C. Trenchard
    Appendix B: Tell el-Umeiri Specialist Reports by R. William Cash and Randall W. Younker


1991 | 633 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-98-8
$ 24.99


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