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Hesban 10: The Necropolis of Hesban

A Typology of Tombs

By S. Douglas Waterhouse
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This volume provides an in-depth description of Hesban’s necropolis, including an overview of the tomb types and skeletal biology, allowing readers to draw some conclusions about aging, sexing, demographic patterns, pathology, and multiple stress indicators. The authors attempt to investigate whether the people of Hesban used antibiotics analyzing so-called tetracycline-labeled bones and introduce comparative Roman-Byzantine tombs in the Transjordan. The volume includes 29 figures, 85 plates, and 80 tables.

About the Hesban Series

This series provides reports on anthropological and archaeological findings gleaned from the site of Tell Hesban, Jordan, during five seasons of excavation. Sponsored principally by Andrews University, the Hesban Expedition received international recognition as the first regional project in Jordan. Each volume of this series describes a specific aspect of the excavation and has been authored by one or more specialists in the subject. Authors in this series include Lawrence T. Geraty, Robert D. Ibach Jr., Øystein S. LaBianca, Larry A. Mitchel, Paul J. Ray Jr., Leona G. Running, and S. Douglas Waterhouse, among others. The hardcover volumes are highly illustrated and completely indexed.
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Foreword by Randall W. Younker
Preface by Øystein S. LaBianca and Lawrence T. Geraty

CHAPTER 1: A Preview of Tomb Types in the Roman and Byzantine Cemeteries of Hesban by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 1: Chapter 2: Tomb Type I: Chamber Tombs with Loculi Radiating from the Chamber by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 3: Tomb Type II: Horizontal Shaft Tombs Ending in a Single Loculus or Chamber by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 4: Tomb Type III: Chamber Tombs with Adjoining Arching Alcoves (Arcosolia) Containing Sunken or Trough Graves by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 5: Tomb Type IV: Chamber Tombs with Both Loculi and Arcosolia by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 6: Tomb Type V: Vertical Shaft Tombs Having a Rectangular Shape by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 7: Tomb Type VI: Natural Caves Used as Burial Sites by S. Douglas Waterhouse
CHAPTER 8: Skeletal Biology of Hesban: A Biocultural Interpretation by Anne L. Grauer and George J. Armelagos
CHAPTER 9: Comparative Roman-Byzantine Tombs in Transjordan by Howard P. Krug

APPENDIX A: Miscellaneous Tomb Probes by Howard P. Krug
APPENDIX B: Objects List by Howard P. Krug

Index by Philip R. Drey

Title: Hesban 10: The Necropolis of Hesban: A Typology of Tombs
Author: S. Douglas Waterhouse
ISBN-13: 978-0-943872-23-0
Year: 1998
Pages: 221

$45.99 $16.99
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