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Hesban 3: Historical Foundations

Studies of Literary References to Hesban & Vicinity

Edited by Leona G. Running and Lawrence T. Geraty
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This volume situates Hesban in its historical context from the settlements inception down to the modern era. Werner K. Vyhmeister details the development of the site’s name and its appearance in ancient literature down through Byzantine times. Malcom Russell picks up the narrative, detailing Hesban’s history from the Arab period down to the present day. Finally, Arthur Ferch reviews various studies to Old Testament references to Heshbon in connection with Hesban. Illustrations include 4 figures and 1 plate.

About the Hesban Series

This series provides reports on anthropological and archaeological findings gleaned from the site of Tell Hesban, Jordan, during five seasons of excavation. Sponsored principally by Andrews University, the Hesban Expedition received international recognition as the first regional project in Jordan. Each volume of this series describes a specific aspect of the excavation and has been authored by one or more specialists in the subject. Authors in this series include Lawrence T. Geraty, Robert D. Ibach Jr., Øystein S. LaBianca, Larry A. Mitchel, Paul J. Ray Jr., Leona G. Running, and S. Douglas Waterhouse, among others. The hardcover volumes are highly illustrated and completely indexed.
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CHAPTER 1: The History of Heshbon from the Literary Sources by Werner K. Vyhmeister
CHAPTER 2: Hesban During the Arab Period--A.D. 635 to the Present by Malcolm B. Russell
CHAPTER 3: A Review of Critical Studies of Old Testament References to Heshbon by Arthur J. Ferch

APPENDIX A: Heshbon Through the Centuries by Werner K. Vyhmeister
APPENDIX B: Hesban in the Literary Sources Since 1806 by Werner K. Vyhmeister

Author Index
Biblical Reference Index
General Index

Title: Hesban 3: Historical Foundations: Studies of Literary References to Hesban & Vicinity
Editors: Leona G. Running and Lawrence T. Geraty
ISBN-13: 978-0-943872-17-9
Year: 1989
Pages: 107

$45.99 $16.99
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