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Hesban 6: Tell Hesban and Vicinity in the Iron Age

By Paul J. Ray, Jr.
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This volume presents a layer-by-layer account of the discoveries from the six Iron Age strata (12th through 5th centuries B.C.) at Tell Hesban, Jordan, with regional survey data from its immediate vicinity. Discoveries are interpreted in light of cultural, ethnological, and natural-science data as well as historical events. Implications of these finds for an understanding of the history of the biblical tribe of Reuben and the tribal kingdoms of Ammon and Moab are also examined. It includes a summary of the site and the surrounding region during the Late Bronze Age and Hellenistic periods as well as a chapter on the history of the excavation methodology of the Heshbon Expedition. There are numerous plans, photographs and pottery plates. The ceramic discussion compares the pottery of Tell Hesban with similar Iron Age forms found elsewhere in the Levant. The volume includes appendices of all loci, objects and faunal remains found in the Iron Age strata. An index is provided. Illustrations include 68 figures, 37 plates, and 7 tables.

About the Hesban Series

This series provides reports on anthropological and archaeological findings gleaned from the site of Tell Hesban, Jordan, during five seasons of excavation. Sponsored principally by Andrews University, the Hesban Expedition received international recognition as the first regional project in Jordan. Each volume of this series describes a specific aspect of the excavation and has been authored by one or more specialists in the subject. Authors in this series include Lawrence T. Geraty, Robert D. Ibach Jr., Øystein S. LaBianca, Larry A. Mitchel, Paul J. Ray Jr., Leona G. Running, and S. Douglas Waterhouse, among others. The hardcover volumes are highly illustrated and completely indexed.
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Preface by Øystein Sakala LaBianca
Foreword by Randall W. Younker

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
CHAPTER 2: The Evolution of the Archaeological Methodology at Tell Hesban
CHAPTER 3: Chronology
CHAPTER 4: Hesban and Vicinity in the Late Bronze Age
CHAPTER 5: Hesban and Vicinity in Iron I
CHAPTER 6: Hesban and Vicinity in Iron II
CHAPTER 7: Hesban and Vicinity in the Hellenistic Period
CHAPTER 8: Conclusions

APPENDIX A: Abbreviated Locus List for Strata 21-16
APPENDIX B: Tell Hesban Objects for Strata 21-16
APPENDIX C: Fauna Summary List for Strata 21-16


Title: Hesban 6: Tell Hesban and Vicinity in the Iron Age
Author: Paul J. Ray, Jr.
ISBN-13: 978-0-943872-16-2
Year: 2001
Pages: 270

$45.99 $16.99
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