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Issues and Alternatives in Educational Philosophy

By George R. Knight
4th Edition
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Widely adopted as a textbook, Issues and Alternatives in Educational Philosophy has been a classic in its field for more than a quarter of a century. As a survey of philosophic issues relevant to the educational profession, it highlights the relationship between philosophic starting points and educational outcomes--between theory and practice. Developed with brevity, breadth of coverage, and clarity of presentation as goals, this text is especially suited to fit the needs of undergraduate survey courses in educational philosophy, graduate students who need a quick review of the topic, and teachers of educational philosophy who want their students to spend maximum time in primary sources while utilizing a comprehensive survey text for orientation and overview.

New features of this revised and updated fourth edition make it of even greater usefulness in the educational philosophy classrooms of the twenty-first century. These include:

  • "Points to Ponder" study questions at the end of each chapter
  • New material addressing the latest relevant issues
  • A fresh, new text design, including call-out highlights of major themes
  • An updated bibliography and references

About the Author

George R. Knight holds a doctorate in the philosophy of education and had extensive experience as a classroom teacher and school administrator before accepting a university professorship. A prolific writer, lecturer, and consultant, his introductory text has found a home in college and university classrooms across the country.
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A Word to the Reader
A Note on the Fourth Edition

Part One: Basic Issues
CHAPTER 1: The Nature of Philosophy and Education
CHAPTER 2: Philosophic Issues in Education

Part Two: Philosophy and Education
CHAPTER 3: Traditional Philosophies and Education
CHAPTER 4: Modern Philosophies and Education
CHAPTER 5: The Postmodern Impulse
CHAPTER 6: Contemporary Theories of Education
CHAPTER 7: Analytic Philosophy and Education

Part Three: Toward a Personal Philosophy
CHAPTER 8: Toward a Personal Philosophy of Education


Title: Issues and Alternatives in Educational Philosophy
Author: George R. Knight
ISBN-13: 978-1-883925-61-1
Edition: 4th
Year: 2008
Pages: 183

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