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Adventism in America

A History

Edited by Gary Land
Revised Edition
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Seventh-day Adventism emerged out of the social and religious turmoil of mid-nineteenth-century America, an era that also produced—directly or indirectly—the Latter-day Saints, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Pentecostals. Like most of these groups, Seventh-day Adventism had a charismatic figure, Ellen G. White, who shaped its identity, and the group maintained its sectarian character through the twentieth century.

Although a dynamic, if relatively small, entity on the religious scene, Seventh-day Adventism has a history that is neither well known nor well understood. This situation has resulted largely because, until recently, Seventh-day Adventists, who look to an imminent Second Coming of Christ, have taken little serious interest in their history.

Written by Adventist scholars who felt a need to better establish and understand their denominational identity and the foundation of their theological beliefs, this book offers a comprehensive nonapologetic history of the denomination. Accurate in scholarship, comprehensive in scope, and objective in tone, it synthesizes the present knowledge of the history of the Adventist church in America and lays the basis for further investigation.

In this revised edition, the editor has corrected minor factual and printing errors, revised the language for clarity, and updated the information regarding the Merikay Silver case. The bibliographical essay and the notes on contributors have also been updated. Otherwise, the volume is the same as that published in 1986.

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Preface to the Revised Edition

CHAPTER 1: The Millerite Movement, 1830-1845 by Everett N. Dick
CHAPTER 2: Sectarianism and Organization, 1846-1864 by Godfrey T. Anderson
CHAPTER 3: Years of Expansion, 1865-1885 by Emmett K. VandeVere
CHAPTER 4: The Perils of Growth, 1886-1905 by Richard W. Schwarz
CHAPTER 5: Shaping the Modern Church, 1906-1930 by Gary Land
CHAPTER 6: The Church under Stress, 1931-1960 by Keld J. Reynolds
CHAPTER 7: Coping with Change, 1961-1980 by Gary Land

APPENDIX 1: Seventh-day Adventist Statements of Belief
APPENDIX 2: Seventh-day Adventist Membership Statistics

Bibliographical Essay

Title: Adventism in America: A History
Editor: Edited by Gary Land
ISBN-13: 978-1-883925-19-2
Edition: Revised Edition
Year: 1998
Pages: 272

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