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Inspirational Classics (Set of 2)

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About the Series

Volumes currently available are by Ellen Gould White (1827–1915), the most translated woman writer in history, and the most translated American author of either gender. In 2015, Smithsonian Magazine, the main publication of the Smithsonian Institution, named Ellen G. White among its “100 Most Influential Americans of All Time.” Generations of readers have found all of Ellen G. White’s writings unparalleled for their profound biblical literacy, depth of insight, simplicity of expression, and spiritual power.

Cloth $24.99

Inspirational Classics includes editions of Christian literary classics intended for anyone who appreciates a book that is attractive in every way:
  • classic, highly readable type design
  • full-color reproductions of classic works of art
  • comfortable hand-sized dimensions
  • high-quality cloth-cover binding
  • beautiful foil stamping
  • elegant gilded edging

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